what is growerbot?

growerbot is the world’s first social gardening assistant. growerbot grows food in the real world while entertaining your virtual friends with updates from your garden. By coupling the power of automation to keep food growing optimally with gamification to get you excited about gardening, you’re going to grow better food with less effort and more fun than ever before. And we’re all going to share our data, letting us gain ‘fruitful’ discoveries about how to best grow different plants.

will growerbot work with my garden?

growerbot will work with any gardening style. Because we’re arduino-based and open-source, it’s easy to add your own!

will the updates be boring?

growerbot’s goal is to entertain your friends into gardening and you into growing more; humorous updates will play a big role in this. And, like everything else about growerbot, the updates can be fully customized.

what are the technical details?

growerbot has some awesome hardware inside: custom soil moisture / light / temperature sensors, wifi connectivity, and a simple display-based interface. No computer connection is necessary to fully automate and optimize growerbot’s operation. Simply place the probe in your soil or other growth media, connect your water pump and light to growerbot, and your garden will take care of itself.