Monthly Archives: July 2014

Growerbot At Fab10

I had the great pleasure of joining many other makers in Barcelona for Fab 10 earlier this month:¬†Growerbot was a finalist in the Sensors for Global Development! You can get plenty of inspiration for your next dozen projects on the Global Fab Awards page; be sure to click on ‘source files’ for schematics, dxf’s, BOMs, and more! And thanks to the sponsors for helping us get there. USAID has an excellent post on the importance of makers working to build a better world here.

SMT Zoomed

Here’s a super-quick, zoomed-in video of the SMT on growerbot 1.5, hopefully helpful for the brave testers DIYing smt:

Pause to see more detail, and please don’t make too much fun of my soldering skills:)