Wiring The LCD

By far the most error-prone (and poorly designed by me!) element of the growerbot v1 kit is the LCD.¬†Here’s how the pin mapping works:

LCD1 -> D5
LCD2 -> D6
LCD3 -> D7
LCD4 -> D8
LCD5 -> D9
LCD6 -> D10
LCD8 -> 5V

Pin 1 is the farthest to the left if you are looking at the side of the LCD breakout such that the silkscreen is readable.

And, here’s the datasheet for the LCD used:http://www.lumex.com/specs/LCM-S01602DTR%20M.pdf¬†.

Here are photos of the connections. Note that pins 15 and 16 on the lcd are not connected:

If you have any issues with yours, please let me know and I’ll send you a free replacement!

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