3D Printed Enclosures


After *many* attempts, I’ve gotten the soil probe enclosure for growerbot v2 to where it’s 3d printable! There are 3 parts: the enclosure body, a press-fit lid that holds the solar panel, and the tip of the soil probe. i’ve successfully printed on both an ultimaker in pla and a lulzbot in abs; the abs should stand up to repeated use better. Here’s stls’s for you to print your own!

2 thoughts on “3D Printed Enclosures

  1. Nelson M.

    This whole project looks really cool! I’m torn between getting one of your kits, waiting to see what you come up with in the future, or trying to figure out how to do something similar on my own… if I’m honest though, I’ll end up getting something that’s had some testing done before I start experimenting on my own 🙂


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